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Montessori Teen Bead Stair Box & Tray LOT - $15ppd

************SOLD BELOW**********

Pink Tower & Broad Stair / Brown Stair LOT - SOLD
I got the pink tower and broad stair from Alison's Montessori and paid $104 for both including shipping.

They have signs of wear from a year of use which i tried to represent in the photos. My sons favorite way to use them was to build one huge tower and let them crash on the wood floor. :-/.

I'd like to sell them together and believe they'll fit in a large flat rate. I can quote a price for breaking the lot, but will adjust for the increases shipping of having to ship them to separate buyers.

Knobless Cylinders - SOLD
All pieces accounted for. Boxes and pieces all clean. Several pieces and two box lids have small dings from my DS not being gentle with them.

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