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Re: What have they said to you lately?

I love asking my son (2 years old) questions that I know are a bit out of his usual realm of knowledge. On election day I kept asking him who he was voting for, or who he hoped would win. Some of his responses: Halloween, big truck, Fresh Beat Band, and himself. When we named he candidates, he said "Obaba."

He didn't understand the whole Halloween costume concept, so when I asked what he wanted to be or what he wanted to dress up as, I got: shirt, red, shirt, Target, dog, etc.

Today he called me by my husband's name. Usually he has a pretty good understanding that we have names but he should call us mama, dada, mom, dad, etc. but he wasn't on the ball today. He finally settled on "Itchy Butt" as my name! haha... a family member taught him how to say "my butt itches," which he thinks is hilarious.

Also, the new word he has picked up? SEXY. I assure you that DH and I don't walk around calling each other that. He knows we don't want him to say it (which, of course, means he wants to say it all the time). I know he doesn't have a clue what it means... but let me tell you, it is very disconcerting when your 2 year old runs up to your 3 month old and shouts, "Sexy!"
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