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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Sarah, a thought. What if you DO give her a bunch of golf balls. Then you wouldn't have any trouble figuring out which were "hers". You're just going to have to be on top of collecting eggs, 2-3 times a day if you can manage to keep her off the other girl's eggs. This hatch would be right on time to slip her a few chicks in exchange for her golf balls in the middle of the night, kwim?

She's the smallest of the blk cochins. She was one of the girls not being allowed to access the feeder. Don't get me wrong, she was gaining weight since I changed the feeding routine, but she's already starting to loose weight. She's not in ideal weight to let her brood, kwim. It is a great idea, i'm just worried about her. If I put her in the other pen now she will be out in time for the chicks to go in. I can't give her chicks in the cook because they wouldn't be able to get in and out. She abandoned the other eggs when I moved her. I think there is just no other option than to try and break her. She's not even wanting to eat when I hand feed.

Sarah you'll be happy to know I added lacy's green egg from today to the bator for a total of six. I kinda hope they don't all hatch. But I added it just to add a buffer if some weren't fertile or quit. So I have 3 each of Carmen's and Lacy's. Should give me a bit of an idea what coloring each girl will make with my rooster. Temp/humidity stable all day today, I bumped the thermostat just a frog's hair to keep it closer to 100. It was dropping down to 98 air temp fairly often. The probe in the water wiggler was staying at 99 but I didn't want it to go too low. Humidity's been stable all day.

Woohoo! even odds now, lol. Now you have to resist the urge to add others when you get those great looking eggs, lol. Sounds like it's holding well. I can not wait to see the colors you get! have been trying to use the chcken color calculators, but they confuse the crud out of me, lol.

Poor big girls, the wind is roaring outside tonight, we have another cold storm system blowing thru. As hard as it's blowing, I decided to turn on the heat lamp and they are contentedly basking in it. It's not terribly cold outside but my coop being as open as it is, I worry that the wind will make it too drafty for comfort. I coddle them, I know.

Just for fun, here's what's in the bator, 3 from each of the girls with this rooster:

They are so beautifull Liz! We have nasty weather out. it's i believe 27 out right now. The wind is what's just horrible here. It funnels right through the turrain here.

Originally Posted by Bumstoppers View Post
One egg day. Seems that when we turn the light on, they get mean. Not enough space in their. Leave the light off, and no eggs :headbang:

New coop in the works for the spring.
Oh no Becky. Do you have the right setup for 2 lights? I had to hang 2 because there wasn't room for everyone under the one. I have perches on each side of the front of the coop. I hung them a bit back so the light shines on each perch. You may also be able to hang yours a little back so the heat shines/radiates a wider span? Just a thought. Mine were down to 2 a day without the lights.
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