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Re: need help from hs mama's especially from Oklahoma

Hello there Okiemama!

Welcome to the homeschool forum.

I am not in OK but I still want to cheer you on in doing this. I wish you and your DD success w/ homeschooling. We started homeschooling when my oldest was of kindy age and now we have 4 DDs and none have ever attended a brick and mortar school.

It is frightening to have to withdraw a child from school. I hope it went well when you did this.

All of us worry about doing this correctly and wonder how to improve all the time. Remember teachers @ brick and mortar schools also have these fears.

Remind yourself no one wants your DD to do well more than you. You are taking her out of school because it isn't working and I am sure you will do whatever you can to make this work.

We have a great supportive group here so feel free to pop back w/ any questions or concerns.

Best wishes and keep us posted!
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