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prayers please :)

hello I'll try to stay "short and sweet"-
Im a single mom of 4 boys with special needs. I cant hold a "regular job" bc my exhusband put a clause in our custody that I can leave our boys with anyone but me, school, or him for 4 or more hours- including for work, or he gets custody. (even w/ his 13yrs of abuse& addiction)

Ive done in home childcare to support us so far, but that fell through (no fault of mine) kind of abruptly 2 weeks ago. I cant pick up new families because my 8yr olds issues have gotten much worse, requiring him many appts throughout the week.

SO. I am now relying on my online boutique to support us. When I found out I was losing the childcare families, I started making calls. Lots of calls. AND found a group of "business people" who are willing to teach me how to work my boutique full-time. I have a "sit-down" with this group this Monday, nov 12 at the Chamber of Commerce. I am terrified.

Im the only income, which is scary enough, but to add that I'm 100% responsible for bringing the $$, not just working for a predicted paycheck, is making it worse.

I could use all the prayers I can get!

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