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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Oh got my light at walmart! it stinkin rocks!!! Just a little handheld. Kinda pricey I guess but it has this TINY bulb you can hardly see in it that's something like 5 mil or bil, whatever lumens. I HIGHLY recomend it! I can see tot he other side of the property with this thing. I did them last night and finally made out the little spider, half the egg is cloudy. So darn dark, like a dark brown egg! Cayden thought it was just so cool, the color with the light.

I feel like a real peice of %^$%^^&*&*)(!!! I heard a peeping last night from the one brooder. I looked in and saw nothing odd. I just heard it again and went to double check they hadn't run out of feed since lunch. One of the chicks leg was at it's dam* side. straight out from the knee. Dang it. It was compleatly snapped at the joint. It was really bad. I had to put it down. ahhhhhhhhhhh What the heck. They startel easy and sometimes I hear them spook and bang around. I can only ASSume that's what happened or it got it's leg caught in the feeder? Oh my gosh. It spent all night and today like that.

The stupid girls, every chicken, followed me out back and tried to watch. Dang Elly May tried to snatch her from my hands. I'm either selling her dumb butt this spring or she's dinner!

WHY would I not check every chick? I just thought they were wanting to be held again till I heard the peep, same one, again a bit ago. Almost 24 hrs like that. Oh.
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