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Scheduled C-section this AM!

I just wanted to report on my positive section experience and introduce my son Jacob Evan!

This was a repeat section for me (after a long stalled labor and midnight section with my first) due to complications of GD, PIH, Poly, and bed rest. I was 37w2d today. The pre-op was great, came in at 5am, got the IV and did paperwork. Transfered to OR at 6:45am and got a spinal, which has been way better then an epidural. I did get naseated and dry heaved a bit during the surgery, but got zofran and felt better.

Jacob was born at 7:10am, weighing 7lbs, 13oz. We went to recovery at 8am and were able to immediately nurse. The spinal started to wear off in an hour and we left recovery at 10am. In post partum I got pain meds through my IV and was able to scoot from one bed to the other. By 12pm, I had most of the feeling back.
We've nursed 3-4 times already and currently are skin to skin. Hubby ran home to take a shower. I did eat some soup and mashed potatoes tonight and plan for a regular breakfast tomorrow. Baby has had 2 wet dipes and 2 meconium dipes so far. No cloth for us until we get home, but we might bring a dipe up here to show the nurses as they had questions.

I'll be getting up tonight to the bathroom around 10pm because I feel ready. Pictures to come tomorrow!
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