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Well hell..what do I do now?

So, after making some phonecalls, I found out DH's insurance through his employer will NOT cover the birth center or any of its affiliated costs. Not even the prenatal care.

How depressing! It's where I had DD, and we were on state insurance at that we didnt even pay partial. I love, love, love the birth center, and I so badly wanted to be cared for by the same Midwife that delivered Gemma and took care of me when I had a placenta complication after coming home. Now I just don't know what to do.

The insurance company doesnt cover ANY Nurse Midwives within a 200 mile radius, and doesnt cover any other birth centers.

Paying out of pocket for it just isnt realistic. We just barely squeek by on our bills now....and I know we wont have a way to come up with $5000 by the time I'm 30 weeks pregnant (per birth center legal requirments).

So now I'm looking at having to see a regular OB! The thought just makes me ill. I saw one for the first 13 weeks of my last pregnancy, and have no desire to see one ever again. The way I view this process is pretty much 180 degrees from the way they do...and I dont look forward to all the poking, proding and conflicts.

What do I do!? I just do NOT want to have this baby in the Hospital!!!!!
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