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Re: Tell Me About Doulas

I had a doula for 2 of my births- both were planned natural births. Neither one of them interfered at all with the nurses or doctors. They were there to support me through the pain of labor and to be encouraging. The first time I sought out a doula was because of the previous birth that i had that was very scary for me- it was a quick labor that was painful and I was not prepared in any real way to deal with the pain of the contractions. I wanted someone besides my husband to be there for me. The doula that I hired helped a lot in the initial stages of labor to help me relax, which IMO made labor go faster. And after the birth she stayed with me when my hubby had to stay with the baby and we were in separate places.

Anyways, I think doulas are amazing and very necessary for some people who are dedicated to having a natural birth. Labor is hard work and having support is key. I don't feel either doula I had told the medical staff what to do or even advised them. They were super professional.
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