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Re: Tell Me About Doulas

My doula contract clearly states that she is not the hospital staff mediator. But, if the hospital staff start telling me that I need to get an epidural or I'm not progressing fast enough or other things that I might not understand - the doula can explain to me their feelings so that I'm not pressured into making a decision out of fear, but with knowledge.

The reason I am getting a doula this time is because I had very rough back labor last time. I know that the reason it took me so long to progress was because I wasn't relaxing during contractions. I knew it at the time and I couldn't make myself relax. My husband was great, but he's not experienced and knowledgeable about how to help me relax. He had great suggestions, he tried all sorts of things - but that's not his career.

He will be there this time, he will walk with me, he will be the one applying counter pressure, he will be the one holding my hand, looking into my eyes.... but, he will not have to stress about where I am in labor, am I relaxing, what can we do, etc.

My doula will be the one who guides him and uses her know-how to help me get through the labor unmedicated.

and she will be there to help me if we struggle again with breastfeeding.. yet another thing that I need an experienced woman to assist with.

My sister has said she'd love to be my doula if she lived closer. I smile and nod, because I think she'd be great to have with me in the room, but she has never had back labor with her 4 babies. and in order for me to relax about what will likely be another back labor, I want a doula who specializes in methods of helping the baby turn, etc.

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