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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of November 5th

Huge Congrats Rebecca!!!!!! That is one nice and DARK BFP. So you were 7dp 5dt? Mine were all + at different points, with my first pregnancy I never tested before beta day so no idea, with DS I tested at 6dp5dt and got a BFN, BFP 3 days later and sky high betas and twins (lost baby B at 9w), with DD I got a BFP at 4dp5dt so crazy early even though she was a singleton, with my Feb loss I knew before I tested at 8dp5dt, June I tested BFP early again 4dp5dt but it was a chemical and at 10dp5dt beta was only 13 and back to 2 2 days later. This time I didn't test until 10dp5dt and the test was a bright instant BFP. (which I knew-had started to puke the night before and that's a 100% pregnancy sign for me).

Jennifer-prayers for a sticky baby E!!!!!!

Mel and Carissa-hope you conceive again quickly. And Mel of course I understand. I will try and not post my signature etc. and will only post my updates in the pregnancy after loss thread (so you guys will have to stalk me there!)
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