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I also love BBQ. Random thought I know, but we passes to BBQ places on the way home from the cider mill this morning and it smelled so good. Then I realized that is pretty much my fave.

I found out today that DH just doesn't think after this possible next baby, that he wants anymore. We started talking about big families and he said 4+ and I said over 6. He thinks that he just couldn't handle any more. Last night I babysat 3 kids and we had 5 crazy kids around the table. I just looked at it and thought wow this looks right. Well evidently it stressed DH to the pony that he feels complete now, but "knows" how much I want another.

I told myself that I wasn't going to test anymore until AF didn't show up. Well I lied and have tested more than normal. After what I thought was a line. I just wanted to see it again and it just isn't there. So I guess DH was right, I am crazy. I feel like an emotional roller coaster so I am sure AF is just around the corner. 10 dpo.
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