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Massive destash of boyish M wool! MM, Crankies (L), customs and sets! boyish GN

All measurements are taken at rest, all have lots of stretch and come from a smoke free one kitty friendly home. PM me any questions!

I think this is autumn sunset? But not sure…the coloring seems to go with a lot of jungle themed tops. Another one that never pills. 30ppd
i-8, w-16, r-19

MM Birthday Boy!! These were only used maybe twice? They are so soft and go with so many boy shirts! 50ppd
i-8.5, w-16, r-20

Now for the CRANKIES!!
Classic crankypants size large! Absolutely perfect, worn a few times 60ppd
Inseam is a little over 9

Monkey crankypants! Size large in beautiful shape and only used a handful of times 65ppd

These are not crankies, but they are very cute anyway! 35ppd
i-8.5, w-16, r-17.5

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ********SOLD BELOW HERE*********************

TFK on organic bulky gaia – EARTH – We never got to wear these, so they are absolutely perfect! 50ppd
i-8.75, w-18, r-18.5

I think these are paytons? Very cute and seems to be GN and goes with everything. 25ppd
i-8.5w-16, r-16

Medium Mosaic Moon Woodland Tale (BFL) knit by Aimee of Jade Gaia $60ppd
Longies R-16, I-9, w-16
Hat – 17

This has a slight bleed on the back bum, but it is very slight

First is Medium mosaic Moon Coastal Sunset (cestari) knit by Lorie of Tickle Bellies $65ppd
Longies R-17, I-7, W- 18
Hat 18

This set has some felting on the bum but is so cute! They are super soft PW and knit by Amy of Alligator knits 55ppd
Longies I-9, w-16, r-18
Hat 18

Pocket needs tacked down at the top

Pictures of felting

COLORWAY REVIELED: woodland in spring!! Thanks bigmamakelseyAnother unknown colorway, but I remember paying a lot for this one  It never pills and is super soft! 40ppd
I-8.75, w-18, r-18

THANKS TO LavenderDragonfly, she tells me this colorway is Story Book Ending I wish I could remember this colorway, because it was really saught after…I think it was toy story? Anyway, this set cost me $120 to have made and it is absolutely perfect! The knit is beautiful, non-pilly and so soft. Just the cutest set! 70ppd
i-8, w-17, r-18
hat -17

Custom crankies monster flames! These got so many comments  65
Inseam 9.5

Crankies Jolly Roger! There is not a tag in them anymore, so there is no proof they are crankypants but the mama I bought them off of said they were. We never used them as they were bought too late in the season for us to use. They are soo cute! 55ppd
Inseam 9

Take note, in this pic, you can see the drawstring has a tint of pink to it.

This is an unknown colorway but is very soft and seems to go with everything boyish  30ppd
i-7.5, w-17, r-17

MM World Tree longies 35ppd
i-8.5, w, 16, r-18

MM woodlands tale, this one is by far the softest wool I have ever owned. It is almost velvety. The colors on this are so vivid and beautiful, it pains me to sell it. It was one of my favorites. 50ppd
i-8.75, w-16, r-16.5

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