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Re: Rotisserie chicken leftovers

Here's something if you're craving fresh, light and tasty.

Thai spring roll wraps.

Get a package of those vermicelli flat circular wraps (just need to dunk in room temperature water for a few seconds and they're ready to wrap!)
Whatever leafy greens you like - cilantro, mint, leaf lettuce, etc
Shredded chicken
sliced avocado
thinly sliced red/gold/orange bell peppers
diced tomatoes
thinly sliced cukes
bean sprouts
shredded imitation crab meat
cooked vermicelli noodles

and the dipping sauces:
- thai fish sauce + lime juice (or lemon juice) + pineapple juice
- peanut sauce (peanut butter + soy sauce + ginger + sesame oil + white vinegar + red pepper falkes)
- hoisin or plum sauce
- Vietnamese hot sauce (a.k.a Sriracha)

Everyone can wrap their own wrap with what they like, and dip in what they like. It's to die for. And very good for you!!
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