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Re: C-section ?s

1) How soon before I can hold my baby?

I got to see both while in the o/r but didn't get to hold them until I was out of recovery which was an hour.

2) How does the csxn affect breastfeeding? How soon can I breastfeed? I've dealt with oversupply with my other two, but I've heard planned csxns often struggle with supply?

I was able to bf as soon as I was out of recovery. I feel like my milk doesn't really come in until day 3/4 in general but I still nurse on demand and both kids did have a bit of formula in the hospital. But that was my choice not the nurses.

3)With my vaginal births I never took anything other than motrin...obviously I'll likely be needing something stronger this time around. How has this affected your LOs when breastfeeding?

I didn't notice any adverse reactions to pain meds in the babies. I think I got demerol on day 1 and then an AMAZING suppository day 2/3.

4)How soon before usually before you're in a postpartum room typically?

I spent an hour in recovery both times and then went right to my room.

5)I desperately want to be able to see my other 2 girls that afternoon/evening. They are 4 and DD2 will be 21 months when I have this LO...I don't want to traumatize them either...will it be appropriate for them to visit?

Absolutely! Just make sure they know to be careful around you. You will likely have an IV still and a cath so you might not want them climbing all over the bed.
6)I'm assuming I'll need someone with me the first night especially if I want to keep baby with me, but I prefer DH to go home with the others kiddos to try and keep things as normal as possible. Will I need someone after the first night with minimal help from the nurses or would I even be able to keep baby with me?

The first night of both c-sections I was allowed to have the baby sleep in the nursery with the nurses. After that they roomed in with me. I was in a lot of pain and felt really dopey and wanted to sleep lol.
7)How awful is it going home...especially with older kiddos (DD1 is 4 and fairly independent, but super active...and sassy. DD2 again will be 21 mos., and she's super attached to me now). I've told DH that he needs to take at least 2 weeks off of work. Will that be enough? Getting others to help is kind of a pain b/c my MIL is super sweet, but drives me nuts so she's only helpful in small doses, my mom usually watches my sister's kids (and not really well) so I end up with 4 kids tearing my house apart instead of just my own 2, and most of my close friends also have kids so I really don't want to burden again some of them it ends up being more like a circus than any help with the addition of their kids.

I think 2 wks will be plenty, especially if you rest during them! I did a lot more resting with my second c-section and couldn't believe the difference it made in recovery time.

Lastly, what kind of things will I need/make thigns easier in the hospital and at home. Can anyone reccomend an abdominal binder? If you've used one did it seem to help?

I found a recliner was amazing to sleep in for a couple of weeks. It is really hard to get up off of your back. Also if you have two floors make sure you have a full set up on each so you don't have to be doing stairs all day. We had a bassinet, and diapers etc. in the living room and upstairs in the babys room.
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