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Woollybottoms soakers (M), Sbish soaker (L), Kangadu Longies (L)

DS is all done with diapers so I am getting rid of things that we don't use anymore (or ever). All these come from a chihuahua-friendly, smoke-free house. If you don't like my prices, please feel free to make me an offer. I am not looking for any trades at this time. I don't know if I am measuring these correctly - I measure around the waist with a soft tape for waist, from the top to the bottom through the legs for rise and from the crotch to the end of the leg for inseam.

NWT Sloomb knit soaker in Air (L), $35ppd (photo below)

VGUC Brown stripe w/ brown interlock waist Woollybottoms soaker (M). Aside from needing a shave & a wash/lanollizing, this is in great shape. No holes and it is very stretchy and soft. $15ppd. (photo below)

SOLD - NWT Woollybottoms Grey stripe soaker (M), $22ppd

Close up of inside of brown Woollybottoms soaker

Kangadu longies (large) New - Dark green w/ olive waist. These were made from the arms of a sweater and have ribbing at the bottom (where the baby's ankles would be). I bought these new and we never used them, however they have some whiteish marks of them that I suspect is lanolin from being in the closet with other longies. They have not been washed or lanolized. Waist 18", Inseam 13". $20ppd

Close up of lanolin spots

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