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Re: If you got to choose what month to give birth, which would it be?

I had all my kids in mid September to early October. I like that time of year for having babies. Our short fall is during that time and then I snuggled in for the winter with a newbie. If I got to chose I would probably give birth in the spring instead. My kids are all born just after the school cut off which I don't like. I don't like how they can't start school until they are 6 and how they will be nearly 19 when they graduate high school. I don't want to be really pregnant in the summer because summer is my favorite time of year. I like the spring maybe March or April because the weather will be warming up soon and daylight is returning. When they are old enough for school they will make the cut off but not be the youngest in their class either. I also like how I will have a portable baby in the summer. If we have another I hope to have a spring baby.

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