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Re: Trade Rant

I'd be really grossed out, too, if I traded with someone and got diapers that stink! Similar experiences have made me picky with my trades.

This next part is not directed at the OP.

Originally Posted by abunchoflemons View Post
Ok I'm gonna join. Not that I have a thing to try for smell besides fabreeze & whip it. I feel like ones looking forstuff doesn't have stuff I want besides pp. I'm not being unreasonable in cost even with shipping. I feel like ones that have stuff want more from me than I want from them...not ann even trade......I'm not made of money......
Well, maybe you shouldn't contact people about their ISO items in the TRADE only forum if they don't have anything you want. There's nothing wrong with seeing if a trade is possible, even if there isn't anything listed you like, just to see, but if you use the trade forum as a place to try to sell your stuff, you'll be disappointed. You aren't the only one who doesn't have extra money lying around. Unless someone explicitly states in their trade thread, "IHA: Paypal," they're trying to get stuff for stuff, not spend money, even on fairly-priced goods. If you mostly need Paypal, just list your stuff in the sale sections of FSOT and people will contact you if they want to pay for your stuff.
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