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Re: Confused about when I ovulate

Originally Posted by yellowcampcat
CM is pretty easy to spot - it might be scanty at the beginning and end of your cycle, but before ovulation it should increase and get copious and clear/stretchy. YOu should see if on the tp when you wipe.
Ditto this.. it's pretty obvious! A little gross, actually

I also second the recommendation to read TCOYF - it will help you understand a lot about how your body works, even if you don't end up charting to TTC or prevent pregnancy

I've always had longer cycles (and with a relatively short LP) and I don't normally ovulate until around CD 21 or 22, then AF shows up about 10 or 11 days later, making for a 31-33 day cycle, which doesn't sound that long, but it would be longer if I had a normal LP.

I don't chart though.. but I've read TCOYF numerous times. I bought the book when I had an 83 day cycle.. I wanted to figure out how/why that could happen.
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