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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Welcome, and congrats on your new little bean!

I, too, had 3 losses (4wk3d, 5wk4d, 4wk) in 8 months, before getting pregnant with a sticky Levi. I had 2 more miscarriages (4wk6d, 5wk1d) before getting pregnant with Elli - irrationally, I felt the whole time that she wouldn't make it because I had to have 3 losses before another baby... and she was that third. This one... well, we'll see. But we're still here today!
I don't know if that helps to hear or not. I am sorry if it doesn't. For me, it helps to hear that I'm not alone, not the only one saying goodbye to my sweet ones.

Thanks I like it, DH does too.
Do you remember Meredith from our JuneBugs? When she heard, she said it reminded her of "How to Train Your Dragon" (which it did me, too, but we love that movie so it's not a bad thing!) and now Hiccup needs to have a dragon stuffie

Hey, OT question - does your mom only make the one size piddle poddles (aios, I mean, not fitteds), or does she still make them in the NB size? I only had 2 of them with Levi, but we loved them. I get emails from her about sales and deals and whatnot, but don't see any itty diapers when I look at the site.
I'm not anywhere near ready to buy anything yet... can't plan that far ahead... and really I don't need any more diapers but those ones were a fav of ours and SO CUTE! I might talk myself into "needing" a few more

Yup, I did.
At the point you're at, it is normal to have some lessening in the severity of m/s - the placenta forms by 8 weeks and starts doing its thing then. It doesn't fully take over until 12-13 weeks, which is why m/s usually lasts until then, but it's normal to have days when you feel a little less crappy. Just don't be surprised to feel worse than ever tomorrow or the next day!
Starting around 9-10 weeks this time I had a day here and there where I didn't feel as bad... but then it would come back with a vengeance!

I know it's hard not to freak out. And, strange (and mean!) as it sounds, for a worse-than-ever day for you tomorrow! Then the next "good" day you have, you can actually enjoy instead of worrying through!

I don't want you to leave either! I feel bad that the other rainbow mamas have "left"
Personally, being able to see these rainbows, even to hear about them (not the every.little.thing chat, but the big things, kwim?) and see pics - that's encouraging! I can understand, too, how it may not be for some mamas, but I think for the most part it would be appreciated.

AFM: This morning I poked at Hiccup (yes, I keep trying to wake him up in the morning with me!), got nothing for a while, then got quite a few kicks/thumps/tickles within a short time (maybe 6-8 movements in less than 10 minutes) - that's good, right?
I just googled "how much movement is normal at 18 weeks". Of course the whole "kick count" thing comes up. That's looking for 10 movements in less than 2hrs, and isn't until 26ish weeks. So I'm thinking this morning was pretty darn good.

I feel like I'm not feeling Hiccup as much as the others (other than Elli). But I think I'm having a harder time remembering exactly how often/how much I felt them at this point because of how little I felt from Elli... make sense? I can remember them at, like, 30 weeks - rolling and stretching and kicking, shoving my belly around like they owned the place, lol - but I remember that and then freak that I'm not feeling that with Hiccup yet.
And I know there's a range of "normal" amount of movement with kids too - my babies were all different inside, I know this! I just have to actually remember it - that's the hard part!
I think that's VERY good!!!! You have to remember, that yes, you are not that far along yet as you are remembering the 30 week movements so it's totally normal to not feel quite so much movement yet... You are doing great, Elena! That baby sounds like he's responding well to your pokes and prods.
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