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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

Originally Posted by nrgburst View Post
Maybe this is just me, but recently I've been starting to get annoyed at people charging Canadians a lot extra for shipping. I recently had a mama quote me $10 postage on two diapers. It's really obvious on the USPS website that it costs less than half that... Actually, the more I look up postage myself, the more I've realized it costs EXACTLY as much as domestic US postage for stuff over 13 oz- because then they have to pay Priority.
You should just fill the seller in! I've never shipped to Canada and would be really unsure of pricing, but I wouldn't be offended if you helped me out. I live in Alaska and get overcharged for shipping too! A lot of stores offer free shipping to the continental US and charge for AK and HI. UPS prices are insanely high to AK, but if they were shipping USPS its no different. I had an e-bay seller who listed the shipping price for a flat rate box as $10 more for Alaska. It's a flat-rate box! It goes anywhere in the US for the exact same price. So, yeah. I feel for you.
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