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Isn't a Dc required on DS? So to not get one, would be against rules? Maybe that's been covered already in this thread? Idk.

For me- going to the post office is a nightmare. And a LONG wait. It's not worth it to me to ship anything, if I have to wait in a line with two kids for 45 minutes to an hour. Which is the timeline in my post office. It's horrid. No one under 55 works there and no one rushes to do anything. It's just slow and inefficient. I always think, damn. How the USPS could really make a come back if it hired some young blood. People with pep in their step that actually push buttons with a purpose. It's the only place that has more old people than a nursing home. Lol. Now, I know that sounds mean but really? If every cashier at Walmart was as slow as molassass, you would go to another store. Sadly that's not really an option with mail and Canada. Everyone says different things. Go to ups- don't go to ups. Yadadada. All that confusion for a diaper cover? Nope. :/ but then again, I only wait at the post office for deployment care packages. That I am willing to stand hours for. And I usually leave my kids with a sitter cause it takes that long! Long
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