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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
Elena I think you have to also remind yourself that even NOT feeling movement would be considered normal. Even multiple Moms sometimes don't feel baby until 20w. So I'd say baby is doing GREAT and is fine!

AFM-LOL I should take some of my advice to Elena for myself. Have to remind myself that me feeling ANY movement is amazing at this point but I tend to freak when I realize I haven't felt baby today. Thankfully I am able to check on him/her with the doppler but I try not to do it often because s/he hates the doppler just like my other 2 did. (I got a VERY distinct kick on the doppler the other day :P ) Other than that still hanging in there with the hyperemesis. I'm puking less so that's obviously good but the nausea is still as debilitating as ever. Oh well-ALLLLL worth it!
You are very right on that one! Even IRL, my friend didn't feel anything at all from her 4th baby until after 20 weeks - and she'd felt the other 3 before then. I know it can happen... but I worry all the same.

And I know how hard it is to take your advice yourself, lol! I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better and puking less - does this usually last the whole time for you, or stop after the first tri?
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