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Originally Posted by MelDM

In order to actually answer your questions.... Lol

If a doula came to my desk and said for example, the pt wants the monitor off. I have no problem with that. I would go into the pts room and either take her off or explain why I can't or am uncomfortable with doing so. What I have a problem with is then if the doula decides to tell her patient it's fine, it's your right, just take the monitor off. Meanwhile baby is having late decels to the 80's. Doulas are not trained to read strips. So how can she with no training, tell the pt it's ok? I can't answer your question about if a doula advises her client about what the nurse/dr will do in the event of a decel, but without that training they shouldn't. Some decels are perfectly ok and even normal. So why get a mom all worried and wonder why we aren't doing anything when really there is nothing that can be done, for example with an early decel.
This is a good clarification - it's within a doulas role to ask a question for mom like this, but not to provide the answer for her in place of the provider, if that makes sense.

Regarding decels: I've read as extensively as I could (as extensively as I think a layperson CAN) and I feel like I have a good grasp on them. But I also understand that I did that reading over the course of a few months on te Internet, and not in medical school. I would never dream of interpreting that info for a mom. The appropriate way to address stuff like that is to ask the nurse how things are going and if she has a moment to explain it to mama and educate us.
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