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Re: Discriminatory shipping for Canadians?

Originally Posted by nrgburst View Post
LOL I was about to suggest that- somebody in the cloth_diapering comm did the exact same thing!

Well, I'm glad I started this thread- I had this long discussion with somebody over why I thought it was unfair to charge me postage plus cost for a 15oz item when it was cost ppd within the States. (FYI It costs $4.80 domestically for Priority because it's too heavy to go First Class. To Canada? $4.81 by First Class Int'l. Seriously. One penny difference.)

And I understand the beef about DC, but TBH, I don't think most people put it on. It's not like we live in countries where customs officials are corrupt as a rule. And if the mail goes undelivered, it will be returned to sender. And I know everybody worries about getting good feedback so they don't get banned. So to me the risk is relatively small- although I can definitely see how it would be important for pricey purchases like a bunch of NIP GMs.
I have never been asked to ship to Canada but I would charge whatever extra dc on any package would cost because most of the time I have already spent the funds before the package reaches its destination. I can't afford to run into that one in a million dishonest person and not have the money to cover it.
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