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Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 8-Nov. 18

I'm so glad this thread is back.

Congrats on the BFPs!

I've had a rough couple of weeks. After a BFP in mid october, (which I wasn't expecting since I thought I had AF in early Oct), I found out on halloween that I lost that baby too. None of the OBs could figure it out really, best guess is that either it was ectopic and my body resorbed it, OR it was a late implantation that somehow briefly survived all of that bleeding. Either way, losing another baby in the space of 4 months has been really difficult. Not to mention that I had promised my BFF that I'd spend last weekend with her in CA. This would have been great, except for that she's due with her 2nd tomorrow, and I basically came out there to hang out because her husband was out of town and she didn't want to be alone if she went into labor. SHE is fabulous and has been awesome throughout the past few months, but it was so hard for me to be there, knowing that I would have been 22 weeks (with the 1st baby I lost), and having just come off of my 2nd miscarriage.

Sorry to be the depressing one, but that's just where I am right now.

We might try right away, or we might wait until next month. I don't know. My OB wants to put me on progesterone next time, but I don't really know how I feel about that. Anyone want to weigh in with their experience with it?
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