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Re: I've finally thought of a girls name

Originally Posted by Puppydog View Post
But I'm not naming my daughter after him. Its not after him at all. If someone across the world named their child Riley I wouldn't think they were naming the child after my dog.
Just giving my opinion! Even if you're not naming your child after someone/something specific, sometimes there are obvious comparisons. That "someone across the world" doesn't know you or your dog, but everyone in America knows about the president. If someone named their child "Obama," wouldn't you think of the president? It's a fair comparison.

Another example... I think Bailey is kind of a cute name (and I have a friend who has a son with that name), but because someone in my family has a dog named Bailey I wouldn't use it because it would make me think of their dog! Even if I wouldn't technically be naming my child after the dog.

Another person asking for help with a name mentioned the name Gretel, and a few people said that even though it was a cute name it reminded them of "Hansel and Gretel." Not necessarily a bad thing, but a comparison nonetheless. I'm sure she wouldn't be naming her daughter after a fairy tale character, but it's what tends to come to mind.

Obviously you choose the name that you think is best - especially if it's one that you and your husband agree on!
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