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Re: Tell Me About Doulas

Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
I truly think it's where you live and the birth culture in your state/area. The doula you described in which you say is a rarity, is actually normal here. It would be rare for a doula to be in the way of the nurse/Doctor etc. Doulas are very welcome here.

To the bolded, I've never heard a Doula say something like that. All the ones I know (I'm in a group of over 20 Doulas) are very respectful of the hospital/birth staff and wouldn't dream of saying something like that.

To the second bolded. That doesn't happen here. Doctors/nurses/birth staff are not pissed off or annoyed with Doulas, and they are encouraged in the hositals I have been in. In fact, the nurses usually just let the doulas, mom and dad be alone and come in every so often. If mom needs something dad or doula can go to the station and ask for the nurse. Doctors don't normally come in until the end and the doula is then at mom's head/side to support her.
I'm sure it does vary from place to place. I would imagine that certified baby-friendly hospitals are a lot more open to doulas, and I know that many of them actually employ doulas. However, at the same time, we can't really ignore the actual medical professionals (midwives, nurses and doctors) who regularly see doulas overstepping their boundaries.

I used to feel very strongly about being a doula. In reference to the first thing of mine you bolded, the hypothetical doula wasn't saying it, she was thinking it Doulas are very sympathetic (it's necessary for the job, after all) and are invested in their clients having the birth they desire. If things start to happen that the doula knows her client doesn't want, it makes sense that she will be upset on behalf of her client. A good doula (which it sounds like you are) will use those feelings as motivation to help her client. A bad doula, the type that give the rest a bad name, will let it get to them and will leave a bad impression on the medical staff.
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