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Re: Plaleo/Primal Chat October, November & December

Can I join? I was doing great until we moved in the summer, and I haven't been able to get back on the wagon completely since then. I've been on again, off again, and I'm frustrated with my weight (well, more my shape and extra padding, hehe). As far as the holidays, I think I will not be able to stay paleo/primal. I think I will be able to do fairly well except for the actual day of our family gathering.

Part of my problem is that we have been broke.broke.broke, and I've not been able to buy anything at all for a large part of the summer. So, we are now in a slightly better position, and I'm hoping we can keep the fridge stocked better. Have you ever been paleo/primal on an extremely tight budget? How did you do it?
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