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Re: How do your children call other adults?

It really depends on how we know the person. We have an eclectic group of friends and aquaintances and the boys associate more commonly with adults than with kids their own age so they tend to have people of all ages who they consider to be their friends.

First we have our friends from our hobby group. Dh and I have known most of them for 4+ years now and so the boys have grown up with them (Tharen doesn't remember not having these people in his life). It would be awkward for them to refer to any of them in a formal manner because they are more like family. C, who is over every single weekend and is our choice for guardian should any thing happen to us, is more like an older sibling/uncle than anything else. The boys call him by first name or sometimes Uncle. Our other friends aren't quite as close but the boys either call them by first name or sometimes Ms./Mr. first name. Then we have another friend in the same group who is like an extra grandmother for the boys and they call her Onna.

Then we have our TKD school and all of the adults there. It is a rule at the school that we refer to higher ranking students and adults as Mr./Ms. first name. The kids (all of them) sometimes slip as far between themselves but they all always refer to the adults with Mr. or Ms. Then we refer to our Master as Master first name. They often refer to all of the instructors as Master though only one has earned the title. TKD is more formal than most of us would normally be.

We also have derby friends and that is a whole different world. Everyone in derby has a derby name and it is expected that you will call a person by their derby name. I can't imagine what the guys would do if Tharen called them Mr. These guys are as much Tharen's friends as they are dh's (and probably more so than they are mine), it would be strange for him to be formal with them when they are not with him. This is just normal in derby culture. They are his teammates and friends.
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