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Re: Hi, My name is Susan and I'm a..........

Yeah, my parents were out here for a week and my mom kept making cracks about me getting the shakes if I didn't shop for diapers for awhile every day.

I started a spreadsheet for my dipes for future resale purposes (I am normally NOT this organized), so I know exactly how much I've spent and on what. I currently own 105 pocket dipes (haven't received them all yet ) and a number of prefolds and covers from a previous diapering life (my friend's twins). I used the pf's while I was home on maternity leave, but basically never now (no need to, 105 pockets!). I plan to sell off a few of my pockets that I don't like for various reasons, and a lot of the pf's and covers, and I have some smalls that my son has outgrown that I plan to keep for the next baby (in a couple of years), but most of these fit him right now. I just keep "trying" stuff, and keep thinking, "Well, I need a few of these to really get a feel for whether I like them or not." Right? And..."I think I like these and this is a good used price, maybe I'll just get a couple more." I think I own at least one of about 85% of the different brands of pockets out there, and I'm delving more into the WAHM's every day. He does use them at Grandma's and daycare, so I need to keep stashes at other places that I can't access at home - but I know that's only an excuse.

I've got to stop!!!! Please let me know when the 12-step program for CD-ers gets organized. I really need to go.

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