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Originally Posted by corinne76
Are the lids on the laptop boxes leak proof? DD's lunch box would make the container sideways so I would like something that doesn't leak if she does get food that is a little wet

eta: So I'm a sucker. I went to amazon to look for those silicone cups and ended up getting that and the laptop box. I think it will work well. I realized that she's been eating like a bird, even at home. So I guess I can't get mad she's not eating at school. At home she asks me how much more she needs to eat, at school there's no one there to tell her.

I made her lunch today and cut her PB&J into a heart and she loved it. It's bigger than I wanted, but she's happy. one heart took up almost the whole bread. I also gave her a little bit of banana and mandarin orange to see how she'd like the whole bento concept and she picked at everything.
I put yogurt in the ones with lids and have never had a problem. I have never tried soup or anything too liquid though, we use a thermos for that stuff
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