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This is getting to be quite the interesting discussion.

I must add, please do not bash all of Ohio. Here in my area we have some of the best doulas. Most of them are DONA trained and abide by that code if ethics and conduct. The current president of DONA lives here in Ohio.

As to the comment about completely trusting the staff to take care of you, many mamas including myself simply cannot. The section rates are very high here and having the knowledge that I do, I know that I may need to disagree about my care at some point. I also know that I don't know everything and in a situation where I don't feel properly educated I would trust a doctor or nurse.

I'm sorry to anyone who has had poor experiences with doulas, but it is certainly not the norm everywhere. It is bad apples like that that give all doulas a bad name. Just like one bad nurse can spoil someone's opinion of all nurses.
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