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If you don't buy cows milk alternative?

Hi Mamas

We have been buying almond milk from costco in the recent months because it lasts longer and we aren't big milk drinkers around here... though none of us are allergic or need to stay away...I think there are just healthier options for calcium But, I am wondering what others' buy if not almond milk? I have been using the almond milk in many recipes calling for milk and it's been overall okay...however, I made a soup the other day that was a more milk-based soup, and it just didn't taste quite right with the almond milk.
I know there is rice that a good option for certain recipes? I know neither of these have much protein, which stinks...but they are overall healthier options than cows milk, right? (though I know raw cows milk is supposed to be good for us...but too pricey and not sure if the fam would go for it anyway!

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions you may have!
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