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Re: Tell Me About Doulas

the book, <i>Birthing From Within</i> has some awesome stats on doula assisted labor on page 209. it is taken from a study of 412 women who were randomly assigned to two group with an active doula (in other words, a normal doula who provides support and encouragement verbally and physically), and the other group with an observing doula, who simply sat in the room taking notes. then there was the control group.

the results were pretty amazing, with better outcomes for reduction of length of labor, epidural use, pitocin to augment labor, c-sections (no doula group had 18% rate vs. 8% rate in the active doula group), and forcep use. also, in the no doula group only 12% delivered without meds, epidural, forceps, vs 55% in the active doula group delivering with no needed interventions of any kind.
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