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Can someone suggest a diaper for us?

DS is potty training, sometimes, if he feels like it. So we still need dipes, trainers dont cut it. He needs a higher rise but he is a toothpick. Most larges are perfect in the rise but fall off his itti bitty waist and most mediums are great in the waist but sit right at the butt crack which i dont like lol. I want something that is not stay dry, and he can pull down to go potty if he wants. Im open to pretty much anything but fit is always a huge issue, he seriously is a tiny string bean lol. 26lbs and 38in tall. And looking for an actual diaper, not a trainer. Here is what seemed perfect but isnt working: grovia aio, they are outgrown(trainers are too low rise too), simplex fit horrible and personally dont like them, he cant pull down bge's, me sandys are either way too huge or too small, if only they had medium lol... open to hybrid fitteds to use coverless but not regular bc its hard for ds to take off so many layers. I think side snaps are easier for ds to pull down but idk
All in a days work!!
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