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Originally Posted by danner

I use Wild Planet in a can. One can skipjack, 2 cans albacore for a large casserole, to be specific. I squeeze 2 lemons, use Frontier garlic powder to cover, grind pepper over and flake the heck out of it with a fork. Cover it and let it refrigerate over night.

After I've layered everything (I actually use a fresh carrot /green bean medley that I parboil) I pour the roux over everything, push it down and then top with whatever cheese I have, like jack or mozz.

The lemon might give your casserole the deliciousness you've been searching for. I'm not sure if it is unique, but my mom always made it that way and my family loves it too. It's a dish that really benefits from using fresh ingredients.
I appreciate the detail. I am going to try this. I seriously have searched for a recipe and all i have tried have been missing something. Perhaps it was lemon? I will report back. Thanks! !!
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