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Ultrasound tomorrow.

I've walked out of an ultrasound to awful results many many times---listening to baby on the Doppler tonight has GREATLY lessened my anxiety about tomorrow! I know baby is alive---and kicking!!! Got a few goldfish flutters while laying here doing numbrix puzzles before I broke out the Doppler.

Now, lets just hope baby is growing perfectly! And I'm hoping for lots of good wiggles tomorrow morning too---and crystal clear pics too (hey, if I'm gonna think positive, might as well make it totally perfect, right?)

Also, progesterone suppository induced yeast infection (the first y.i. of my LIFE) is GONE using nothing more than high-dose OTC probiotics and eating a boat load of Greek yogurt! Seriously...NEVER want another one of those. All because I ran out of my preventative first -tri low-dose probiotics to fight constipation and I figured I hadn't been constipated, so no rush to get more til next shopping trip...3 days after I ran out I got my first symptoms of the y.i. ---sheesh!!! They could have warned me that that was a possible side effect!!! I'd have never run out!

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