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Originally Posted by jbug_4
We use soy. It works well for everything. I think rice is probably fine for most things. We have never used it. DD has a dairy sensitivity and Soy was recommend to us by her doc because it is closest in nutrition to cow. We don't do almonds (peanut allergy) or coconut (coconut allergy), rice has pretty much no nutritional value and hemp wasn't available to us when we started this adventure. We have researched soy and are personally comfortable with what we found.
We do soy here too. Both DD and DS are sensitive to dairy, so DD drinks soy and I'm on soy for DS (BF'ing). Ped recommended it. We also tried goats milk, but it just smelled funky to me.

FWIW - Rice milk is actually not recommended for kiddos younger than 5. It actually says to discuss with your ped for kids under 5 right on the carton. I think it has to do with the lack of proteins and fats...? I used to drink it when I was nursing DD.

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