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Originally Posted by crunchymom2b
Thanks mama- he pretty much falls asleep after each nursing session or gets a very happy milk drunk look. Lots of milk in the shield too. Tonight he actually played around without the shield! No screaming at all! I'm super excitedbut hesitant too. How do I get him to take the left side? How do you make yourself let down faster?

Oh, and i can't donate :-( otherwise i already would have started. my medications don't allow it.
I discovered that just hearing my nursing bra unsnap sets things in motion for a let down. Sometimes I unsnap it 30 seconds early . It also helps me to imagine/remember how it feels and it starts building.

My experience with taking the left side is that they will when they want it. And for us it was okay that the supply went down on that side bc she nursed it back up later. Her refusal was bc it was too strong though, so not sure if that helps you...
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