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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

Originally Posted by itsajoi View Post
Hi ladies...I am REALLY early to join you since I got my first real positive today, but I think I'm just really wanting to feel connected to someone who understands how I feel. Because frankly, I'm not sure how I feel. I feel like surely this must be going to be ok since there was no "reason" for our last loss, but then...I'm completely afraid to be hopeful too. I want to buy a sonogram machine and just look in there. Not like I could see anything. I just want to know if it's going to be ok or not NOW before I get all emotional and hopeful. Sorry...word throw up there. I'm only 12 dpo, so I really should just be quietly and patiently waiting to see how the next several days go, but I can't. I feel like we've been waiting too long for this not to be important.
I think a lot of mamas on this thread can relate to those feelings. Dont be afraid to feel whatever you need to- excitement or fear! Congrats again! So glad to see you on this side!

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
So glad you're here with me!

Elena...when was your Levi born? My Levi is 2 also.
And same for you! So glad to see you here!!
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