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Re: Does anyone really go birth to potty in one size?

i used small covers and burp cloths when ds was 4 months old, they fit good, we used preemie and nb sposies before then(ds wasnt preemie but so long and skinny) he was 7lb8os at birth but lost 1lb coming home because my milk didnt come in and once we started on formula he gained it back quick. I got os flip and econobum in a ds lotto when ds was 6 months and on the smallest setting they fit his waist but still gapped in the legs, i cant remember what he weighed then. He is 28 mos now and he is on the last setting for grovia aios and os fb leave marks on his hips so we dont use either of them anymore. Bg 3.0 are too short in rise but 4.0 and flips still fit. Also use m fuzzibunz, econobum, l megaroo etpf, xl snickelfritz and thirsties duo sz 2 aio. Large bg are too short in the rise, we used them from 10 mos until about 18 mos. Most larges are too big in the waist but many os are outgrown for the rise. I dont get why os fb are too small but m fit great but oh well. Oh also outgrown os charlie banana
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