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Re: What are my options...12month old??

Our son is staying on his current formula (Neocate) until at least 18 months, possibly to 2 years. We haven't thought much (or talked with his doctor) about switching to the toddler formula (Neocate Junior). I know the toddler formula has more calories per ounce (30, as opposed to 20, I believe) and the nutritional values are a bit different, but I don't know a ton about it. Does the brand you use now have a toddler formula? I would probably try to stick with the same brand, just to try to prevent any tummy issues.

As far as just switching to regular milk or an alternative milk, you could definitely do that. I really like the extra nutrition from the formula during the toddler stage. Even if it's not absolutely necessary, it allows me to not worry at all on those days he's eating like a bird. We've had a time with this guy though (food allergies, suspected celiac, weight loss, etc.), so we can't help but worry about him. Now that we've finally gotten him back on the chart and healthy, we'd like to stay there! We're just not ready to give up that extra source of nutrition (formula).

He does get some coconut milk, which has a lot of good fatty acids. I think we're going to try almond milk soon to see how it goes (he can't do dairy at all and we're avoiding soy right now just in case). I'm honestly not sure which is better, nutrition wise, but I think coconut. Who would have thought choosing a milk would be so difficult!?

My older boys went to whole milk at 1. I mixed the formula and milk...increasing the milk, decreasing the formula over a couple weeks, until they were on all milk. That's supposed to help ease their tummy into it, rather than switching all at once. They did fine with it and are generally very healthy, smart boys at almost 8 and 6.5.

Whichever way you decide to go, I'm sure you're little guy will be just fine!
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