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Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 8-Nov. 18

Ladies, if this link works can you take a peek at my wacky chart?? I have had 5 days of spotting (the first day seemed like AF was starting, but didn't amount to much) Now, TCOYF has decided to stick the darn duck on my chart and call me pregnant...what about my chart is saying that? Ugh, why do I have to live in such a small town where I can't just go by a stick to pee on without everyone knowing in 5 it is a holiday anyways so the store isn't open even if I wanted to. I've felt weird and nauseous since last week, but chalked it up to being sick. I'm turned off by coffee(!!) too.

So would I technically be TTC #4 since I have DS and just had a blighted ovum and ectopic??? What do you mamas think???
Hmmm, I guess it depends how you want to look at it, I've never thought of it that way...I've had two chemicals so in that way we are on #5 (but I don't know that I would really consider myself to have conceived those pregnancies if that makes sense at all, just my way of thinking!) Since no one but DH, me and my sister know I am TTC I haven't really pondered it much.
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