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Re: Can someone suggest a diaper for us?

I don't know that they would be easy for on-off by himself, but I am a fan of Tots Bots easy fits for my DS. He isn't as tall as your little one, but also very slender. I just went up to the largest rise setting and they are hitting him at his belly button (I think he was 34" tall last month at the peds). We could probably do the middle setting, but I got tired of popping the snaps when I was trying to put them on him. I prefer the aplix and I only have about a finger width between the tabs if that gives you an idea of how small his waist is. We do the snaps too, and they run smaller- I am about half way out on those. Neither V2 or V3 are staydry, but I do think that the V3 minky feels dryer than the V2 bamboo. Relative to the rest of my stash I would say they are very trim, moderately absorbant (but you can add a doubler in the pocket), and wash/dry very well for us.
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