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Re: July 2013 Due Dates

Imported from our previous EDD list thread:

Originally Posted by MacMomma View Post
MacMomma : Sarah
Hoping for a girl
We got pregnant on our first cycle. This is the first time we actually tried since Jude was a surprise! I am hoping for a girl - her middle name will be Ruth after my grandma, and I want her to meet her namesake before she passes. I am planning on a doula/midwife attended home birth, likely in a tub.

Just wanted to add that I looked at my ovulation date wrong. My due date is actually July 3 based on correct day if ovulation. Not a big difference

Originally Posted by borncrunchy View Post
borncrunchy : Brittney
3 boys
7/6 or 7/9
No guess, hoping for a girl
No pets, ntnp since jan, planning a homebirth, def finding out gender, anything else? Lol
I am 26 and this is Hopefully not our last baby, I want as many as God wants to bless us with.

Originally Posted by greeneyedambe View Post
Another mama here with all boys (3 of them). I am due at the end of June but not ruling out an early July baby either. Finally feeling 'ready' for a girl so maybe this will be the right time.

Originally Posted by simplyleah87 View Post
Screename: Simplyleah1987 (Leah)
EDD- July 4th
Age: 24
State or Country: NC
How long it took to get BFP: one month, got bfp at 8dpo
What number of child this is for you: 2!
Family (partner, children, and/or furbabies): Husband AJ, son Emery(16 months), and kitty cat Isis
Babies gender (hopes/guesses/will you find out): I'd really like a girl! No guesses yet
Birthplans/preferences: hospital birth. MAYBE a water birth.
Will this be your last? Nope!

Originally Posted by AmJoyFul View Post
Screename: AmJoyFul (Amanda)
EDD: July 1st
Age 31
State or Country Florida
How long it took to get BFP - Wasn't TTC
What number of child this is for you: 7
Babies gender Hoping for another girl, probably won't find out until birth
Birthplans/preferences: Birth center, water birth
Will this be your last? Who knows I said my last was my last. lol

Originally Posted by techanne View Post
techanne: Anne
July 8, 2013
Maryland (But moving to Guam in March)
How long it took to get BFP - Second cycle PP
What number of child this is for you: 2
Family: Husband Lee, step daughter Katie (17), step daughter Emily (15), daughter Evie (10 months), Maia (Anatolian Shepherd Dog), Echo (Jack Russell Mix Dog)
Babies gender: Since DH has 3 girls, I think he's hoping for a boy. I'm fine with either.
Birthplans/preferences: Would love a midwife, but I'm not sure what kind of options I'll have in a military hospital in Guam
Will this be your last? Not sure
Anything else you would like the group to know: I'm in SHOCK about getting pregnant so quickly. It was over a year with my DD. We had actually been on Clomid the month before conceiving DD.

Originally Posted by stsomewhere View Post
StSomewhere: Amy
EDD 07.04.13
Age: 31 on Saturday
Child #2
Family: DH, DS 15 mos., Dog, Cat
Won't find out
Will this be your last? Maybe, maybe not.

Originally Posted by Bexo View Post
Screename: Bexo (Rebecca)
EDD: July 9th
Age: 29
State or Country: MA
How long it took to get BFP: 3 Months
What number of child this is for you: 4

Family (partner, children, and/or furbabies): DH (married 8 years), DS (Leo) 5, DS (Jules) 3, DD (Joni) 20 months...

Babies gender (hopes/guesses/will you find out): I'd be happy with either, and no, we won't find out - I SO love the surprise at the end!

Birthplans/preferences: Hoping this will be my first homebirth (my other 3 were natural births at a birth center)...I'm hoping to have another waterbirth.

Will this be your last? I certainly hope not!

Anything else you would like the group to know: I'm so excited to be here! I've been teaching Bradley classes for 4 years, and I'm also a doula :-)

Originally Posted by moobiegirl View Post
Screename: moobiegirl
EDDJuly 4
State or CountryPA
How long it took to get BFPNTNP
What number of child this is for you4
Family (partner, children, and/or furbabies)DH, DS1 (6), DD (3), DS2 (1)
Babies gender (hopes/guesses/will you find out)TEAM GREEN
Will this be your last?YES

Originally Posted by sahmdevon View Post
sahmdevon: Devon
July 5 (but last 2 pregnancies were 37 weeks)
Wasn't trying
6th pregnancy: 5th child
Hubs: Andrew
Children: Bailey 9, Carley 7, Morgan 5, Alexander 3
Gender: Either way, probably won't find out
Freestanding Birthing Center with my midwife
Most likely my last

Originally Posted by MamaJax2010 View Post
MamaJax2010: Betty
July 2, 2013
4th pregnancy 3rd baby
DH, 30 in December; Luke, 8; Daniel, 19 months
Will NOT find out gender...just want a HEALTHY babe
Hospital but would LOVE a water birth
LAST for sure!

Originally Posted by Heather8183 View Post
EDD: 7/6/06 also my DS bday!
Your Name: Heather
Age: 29
State or Country: Ohio
How long it took to you to get your BFP: just once lol
What number child is this for you: 4th pregnancy, 3rd baby
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): the hubs Jonboy, Hunter (6) and Kendall (3 1/2) then a roadside special mutt Duke and precious Shih Tzu Cyrus
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): definitely hoping and thinking girl, we want to name her after my mom
Birth Plans/Preferences: not sure yet
Anything else you'd like to share: thrilled to be here, but also a little cautious. Nearly a year ago we had a blighted ovum, and it was right after my mom's death so it was doubly hard for us.

Originally Posted by Addicted2Chocolate View Post
Amy Hulen
EDD July 13th
I'm 35
Just moved to Houston,TX
Got my positive on the day AF was due, I knew I ovulated but was shocked none the less
Mommy to Sarah 15, Molly 7, Emily almost 2.
This is definitely our last.
I won't decide if I'm going repeat vac or csection until right before I'm due. My last vbac caused permanent damage due to being a posterior birth.

Originally Posted by mama2myangels09 View Post
Screename: mama2myangels09/Melissa
EDD: July 10, 2013
Age: 30
State or Country: US
How long it took to get BFP: First Try This Time
What number of child this is for you: 5
Family (partner, children, and/or furbabies): DH James, Christopher- 9 years old, Ella- 3 years old, Xander- 2 years old, Liliana- 9 months
Babies gender (hopes/guesses/will you find out): Thinking Boy, but not finding out
Birthplans/preferences: HBAC
Will this be your last?: Not Sure Yet

Originally Posted by flutterbabies View Post
we were nt/np
My 6th hubbys 7th
DH- Issac dsd-Victoria 14, dd-Emily 9, dd Isabela 7, ds Aziah 5, Ayden died of SIDS at 4 weeks old, dd Adilyn 2 (she was born July 2010)
boy probably team green
homebirth for VBAC
It's not up to me

Originally Posted by mrssavvysabby View Post
Screename: mrssavvysabby
Name (if you want to) Kalista
EDDJuly 12
State or CountryCanada
How long it took to get BFPuhhh...well we were on a ttc break...sooo...
What number of child this is for you4
Family (partner, children, and/or furbabies)Ryan (dh), Brooklynn, 5, Weston, 3, and Amelia, 18 months...oh and Layla the puppy
Babies gender (hopes/guesses/will you find out)I think its a boy. We won't find out until birth though!
Birthplans/preferences: Provided all goes well, we will have our 3rd home birth!
Will this be your last? Depends who you ask! I say no.
Anything else you would like the group to know: I'm really excited to be here!

Originally Posted by Jacksmom716 View Post
Name: Amanda (Manda)
EDD 7/13/13
Age 29
State or Country Mass
How long it took to get BFP on and off for over a year
What number of child this is for you
Family (partner, children, and/or furbabies)
Husband, 1 son (Jack) 2 years old
Babies gender (hopes/guesses/will you find out) I don't want to find out, but hubby does!
Birthplans/preferences Not sure yet
Will this be your last? Probably!
Anything else you would like the group to know:

VERY cautiously joining!!

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
EDD: 7/14/2013 with delivery on or around 7/3/2013
4 other children
Not the last if my body can take it!

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
leviandgarettsmom: Deanna
EDD 7/23/13, but both my kids came 41+ (DS was 41w6d), so this could be an Aug. baby.
Age 40
State or Country: Kentucky
How long it took to get BFP: Well, we've TTC'd on & off for almost a year, had 3 MCs, & began TTA the end of August when DH lost his job, but here we are.
What number of child this is for you: 3
Family: DH-States, DD-Garett 17, DS-Levi 2, Buster-boston terrier & Triton-bichon frise
Babies gender: I think its going to be a boy & would be happy with either. Hoping to go Team Green, but that's liable to change.
Birthplans/preferences: Hoping for a VBAC w/a doula in hospital
Will this be your last? Most definitely.
Anything else you would like the group to know: This baby was conceived (based on when we DTD) on my March angel's DD & is due the day after DS's birthday.
* CARLY * proud Navy wife to Lee (3.19.05) & Mommy to 2 Amazing Boys
Logan (12.20.06)
and my RAINBOW Landon (06.28.13)
Baby #3 coming July 2015
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