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Re: If you don't buy cows milk alternative?

Originally Posted by Mummandherboys View Post
Great thanks everyone So where is hemp milk sold? I don't think I have seen it...?? Also, which brand of soy milk do you ladies use? Thank you for the tip about rice milk...that does make sense that it wouldn't be the best option for it has more sugar in it than some of the others I think. So you ladies with the diary sensitive kiddos... you probably just don't make any recipes that call for a cup of milk/etc.? I am so trying to figure out what is the best option for us... buy diary milk sometimes and then other times rotate with soy, almond, and maybe hemp if I can find it...??
We usually just use store brand soy milk- Wal-Mart. We used to use Silk (you can get coupons online pretty often) but then we got the coconut allergy diagnosis and they make coconut milk as well. I trust their handling but store brand is cheaper and no risk for cross contamination. I do still buy single serve packs of silk when we go on road trips. I believe Hemp should be available in the shelf stable milk stuff, I have seen it once in our regular store. Should be available at a natural food store.

We do avoid making stuff that requires milk- not baked in, we do make a lot of pancakes. Until this year we used soy milk in "baked in" stuff. However this year (dd is 5) we were able to start using regular milk in "baked in stuff". Still no butter, drinking milk or cream stuff. For things like chicken pot pie I find it easier to to thicken chicken broth with flour rather than make a dairy free cream soup. Any kid of casserole that require cheese or cream soups or cups of milk we just don't make. I do make some cheesy stuff- I just separates dd's before the cheese is added. Like for lasagna I pull out some noodles and put sauce on them and she eats it like that. For stuff like strogonoff and alefredo again I just pull out dd's before I add the dairy- so for stroganoff she has meat, noodles, mushrooms and green beans seasoned with salt and pepper. And alfredo she has noodles and veggies. She has been eating this way since 1 so she is use to it. I even tried some vegan cheese mac and cheese and she would not eat it- she prefers her noodles just tossed in olive oil or "butter". Same with when I tried a cream soup casserole- she is just so use to eating things without creamy sauces that she won't even try them.

There are certain things that I will hunt down recipes for and experiment with to get it dairy free- pumpkin pie for one, we have a good recipe if your interested. I tried making condensed soy milk once and I made such a mess- besides who has time to spend 2 hours making condensed milk to then turn around and make the actual item.
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