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Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 8-Nov. 18

Originally Posted by leviandgarettsmom View Post
Well, after m/c #1 @ 5w exactly, dr decided to have me start it when I got my BFP, so I did & I m/c @ 8w5d. So the next course of action was to start a couple days after O, did that for a couple cycles & I still had a CP (AF was only a few days late & that was only because I was taking the progesterone). I did one more round before we decided to TTA & I was a total mess. I am NOT taking it with this pregnancy. I don't think I have a progesterone problem as I have never tested low for it & it made me crazy. Worst emotional roller coaster EVER!!! My natural hormones make me crazy enough, so I don't need additional medication. I'm not saying you don't have low progesterone, but just because we've had a couple m/cs doesn't mean we do. Most m/cs are due to chromosomal abnormalities, which in all likelyhood, was the cause of your 1st one. If this last one was truly ectopic like you think, then that's not a progesterone issue either, it just didn't implant in the right spot. I'm not saying these things to convince you not to take it, just to make you stop and think of all the possibilities so you can decide for yourself what is best for you. HTH

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Thanks Deanna. I sort of feel like its overkill. I've never even been tested for progesterone levels. I really just want a relaxed pregnancy. I mean, I've had two normal pregnancies. My youngest is only 2. It seems so bizarre to think I've got some chronic issue when I had no problems before.
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