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Car Seat Ponchos Information

Why buy an Ally's Fuzzies poncho for your little one?

1. Warm - Ally's Fuzzies ponchos are made with two layers of thick fleece, which is both extremely warm and extremely lightweight. As well, due to the construction of the poncho, warm air is able to be trapped in between the layers, keeping your little one even warmer!

2. Convenient - Ally's Fuzzies ponchos are easy to put on even the most wiggly child - simply unzip a little at the neck and slip it over the head. They work great in car seats and strollers and are extremely soft and comfy.

3. Safer - Both Transport Canada and car seat manufacturers recommend against using bulky snowsuits in car seats. These heavy snowsuits keep the safety restraints in a car seat from being as snug as they need to be, and can result in injury in the event of a car collision. With an Ally's Fuzzies poncho, the straps on the car seat are buckled underneath the poncho, keeping your child safe and warm! More information on the safety of aftermarket car seat accessories can be found at

4. Cute - Ally's Fuzzies Ponchos come in a variety of cute solid combinations as well as many gorgeous prints. With a handmade Ally's Fuzzies Poncho, your child will look great, stay toasty warm and be as safe as possible in your car this winter!

How to Use an Ally's Fuzzies Poncho

Step 1 - While inside, unzip the poncho a little bit, slip it over the head of your little one, and zip it back up. In reasonable weather, it can go over your child's regular clothes - in really cold weather it can go over a light jacket.

Step 2 - Sit your little one in the car, and lift the back of the poncho over the back of the car seat.

Step 3 - Unzip the poncho half way, buckle the five-point harness and re-zip the poncho. As you get better at this, you may find that you don't need to unzip the poncho at all.

Step 4 - Ta da! All buckled in, toasty warm and ready to go!

Ally's Fuzzies Poncho Sizing

Extra Small (0-18 months)

-18" from poncho edges to center
- 9" deep hood
- Double layered fleece

Standard (12 months - 3 years+)

- 22" from poncho edges to center
- 10" deep hood
- Double layers of fleece

The age range on sizes are guidelines only, and depend on the height of your child/your preference about length. I like the poncho to be almost floor-length at the smaller end of the sizing scale, so there is lots of room to grow into it. Custom sizes are also available!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM, or an e-mail at allysfuzzies @
NEW - Check out Ally's Fuzzies car seat ponchos - keep your kiddos warm AND safe this winter! Custom and Ready-to-Ship Ponchos available! I'm also on Facebook!

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