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Re: New to CD and LO keeps getting a rash?

I would guess that either they're not getting clean enough (leading to ammonia) which can cause a rash, or the soap isn't rinsing out all the way. An easy way to tell if there's detergent build up is to put the clean diapers in the wash without any soap or detergent and see if you get soap suds. If you do, keep rinsing them until they're rinsed clean and try again. If that's the case you'll have to tweak how much soap you use so that it gets rinsed out (we had this problem). If that's not the issue, bleach the diapers to kill any lingering bacteria caused by the ammonia and make sure you're using enough detergent to get the diapers clean. Or try a different detergent. It's also possible your LO is allergic to something in your detergent and only reacts to the diapers because their in continual close contact with sensitive skin (we also had this problem). Just some things to consider.

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